Lifting Michigan Avenue

du sable bridge chicago

One of the things Chicago is known for is it’s some what infamous river. The Chicago river (as beautiful as it is today) was once so sludged full of sewage and other waste that rats could run across the build-up on the surface. Humans, on the other hand, had to build bridges to travel to the other side.  Because many large ships used to travel the river regularly, the bridges had to be capable of lifting out of the way for them to pass.

So how do you lift a bridge? Continue reading “Lifting Michigan Avenue”

Creating a Sound Effects Library – Lessons Learned

winter creek stosht

I’ve been running Collected Transients for almost a year now (wow!), and feel like it’s a good time to take a look back at my experiences in launching and running an independent SFX library so far. I’m going to try to be as open as possible. I hope those who create or are thinking about creating SFX libraries might find this useful. Continue reading “Creating a Sound Effects Library – Lessons Learned”

The Weirdos with Microphones

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve done some field recording. If you’ve done a lot of field recording, chances are you’ve had a few run ins with police, security, and the general public where they thought you were up to no good. I’ve written about one of my not so pleasant run ins with police while recording trains, but I’ve noticed a number of similar stories pop up on blogs and social media. I thought it might be fun to compile a list of these stories for everyone to read (and maybe learn from). Continue reading “The Weirdos with Microphones”

Collected Transients Launch – Sound Effects Libraries

I love recording things. Small things. Big things. Loud things. Quiet things. Close things. Distant things. ALL of the things.

I love recording things so much that I’ve decided to share them with the world! Today, I officially launched Collected Transients. Continue reading “Collected Transients Launch – Sound Effects Libraries”

Recording Freight Trains is Serious Business

I took a trip back to my hometown last weekend. I brought my Zoom along, as I normally do when I head to Galesburg. Many times, however, I forget about it and don’t realize I missed the chance to capture something until it’s too late! I was determined to make this trip count. I had my Zoom with me everywhere I went, and ended up with some stuff I’m really proud of. Continue reading “Recording Freight Trains is Serious Business”

Flying Robot Boogie Cats

Fly-bys and swooshes are a huge part of sound design. While typical library solutions might work, you can’t beat originally created material. For me this is usually done by designing each sound effect individually, and this takes time. You might see how an article by Charles Deenen titled “100 Whooshes in 2 Minutes” piqued my interest. Continue reading “Flying Robot Boogie Cats”