Learning to Record on Two Wheels

Harley Onboard Recording
AJ can’t ride a bike with sleeves holding him back.

One of the things I’ve had almost no experience in until this year is onboard vehicle recording. To be honest, I probably  subconsciously avoided it for so long because of how difficult/time consuming it can be to get right. There’s a lot of things to factor in: Number of mics, Mic placement, Wind protection, Gear protection, Performances to capture, etc. Continue reading “Learning to Record on Two Wheels”

Creating a Sound Effects Library – Lessons Learned

winter creek stosht

I’ve been running Collected Transients for almost a year now (wow!), and feel like it’s a good time to take a look back at my experiences in launching and running an independent SFX library so far. I’m going to try to be as open as possible. I hope those who create or are thinking about creating SFX libraries might find this useful. Continue reading “Creating a Sound Effects Library – Lessons Learned”

Premeditated Metadata – Fuse Slating with Metadata


I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with audio metadata. When it comes to finding the right sound effect for a project, I love it. When it comes to entering all of that data, I sort of hate it. It’s such a structured thing when compared to the creative process of field recording. Coming up with words and phrases that make each sound effect searchable and unique takes time and mental fortitude!

I’m always trying to find ways to streamline the process. Continue reading “Premeditated Metadata – Fuse Slating with Metadata”

Collected Transients Launch – Sound Effects Libraries

I love recording things. Small things. Big things. Loud things. Quiet things. Close things. Distant things. ALL of the things.

I love recording things so much that I’ve decided to share them with the world! Today, I officially launched Collected Transients. Continue reading “Collected Transients Launch – Sound Effects Libraries”

A Quick Projects Update

“I haven’t posted in a while!” I bet you have never read that line on a blog before! Well, here’s another one for you to read:

I haven’t posted in a while. I have had the blessing of being a busy guy most of these past 6 months. I have a couple of fun posts I’ve been slowly tapping away at for a while now. (Topic hints: My girlfriend recorded sounds in Ukraine for me! And I still like recording trains!) In the mean time, I figured I’d share some of the work I’ve been involved with since my last post. Continue reading “A Quick Projects Update”

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Cutscene Sound Design


Injustice: Gods Among Us launched for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U last week and has been getting some great reviews!

Happy to share that NoiseFloor handled the the sound design and mix for Injustice’s cutscenes. As one of the sound designers, creating the sounds of the of the DC Universe was an experience I will never forget! Continue reading “Injustice: Gods Among Us – Cutscene Sound Design”

Area Man Brags About Mixing Videos for The Onion

“I’m mixing videos for The Onion!”, Stosh Tuszynski posted on Facebook. The status received 6 likes and 2 comments the day it was posted.

“I liked Stosh’s status because The Onion is cool” one friend explained, “I’m not sure what mixing is.” Continue reading “Area Man Brags About Mixing Videos for The Onion”