Scrooge & Marley

So proud to say Scrooge & Marley, a feature film I’ve been working on is premiering this month!

NoiseFloor handled all post-production audio on this fun twist of a holiday classic. I worked as the supervising sound editor, and had a blast doing so. Who wouldn’t have fun coming up with sound design for all of the strange things that might happen in a modern spin of A Christmas Carol? Continue reading

NATO Protest Chants 2012

Hate it or love it, NATO is here in Chicago. While the summit doesn’t start until tomorrow, the expected protests are in full effect. This morning I found out about a march toward Rahm Emanuel’s home in the Ravenswood neighborhood. When I saw the newscast I saw what seemed to be 100-150 people gathered in a park. By the time I arrived, I was surprised to see approximately 500-600 protesters marching toward the Mayor’s home. Continue reading