Learning to Record on Two Wheels

Harley Onboard Recording
AJ can’t ride a bike with sleeves holding him back.

One of the things I’ve had almost no experience in until this year is onboard vehicle recording. To be honest, I probably  subconsciously avoided it for so long because of how difficult/time consuming it can be to get right. There’s a lot of things to factor in: Number of mics, Mic placement, Wind protection, Gear protection, Performances to capture, etc. Continue reading “Learning to Record on Two Wheels”

Lifting Michigan Avenue

du sable bridge chicago

One of the things Chicago is known for is it’s some what infamous river. The Chicago river (as beautiful as it is today) was once so sludged full of sewage and other waste that rats could run across the build-up on the surface. Humans, on the other hand, had to build bridges to travel to the other side.  Because many large ships used to travel the river regularly, the bridges had to be capable of lifting out of the way for them to pass.

So how do you lift a bridge? Continue reading “Lifting Michigan Avenue”

Trains Through Glass

I’ve been a little bit obsessed with contact microphones lately. Recently, a personal project (that I hope to share soon!) led me to renting a very nice microphone: the Barcus Berry 4000 Planar Wave System. I mainly wanted to rent to see if it’s worth me buying, so I did a LOT of recording for the week I had it. Continue reading “Trains Through Glass”

Recording Freight Trains is Serious Business

I took a trip back to my hometown last weekend. I brought my Zoom along, as I normally do when I head to Galesburg. Many times, however, I forget about it and don’t realize I missed the chance to capture something until it’s too late! I was determined to make this trip count. I had my Zoom with me everywhere I went, and ended up with some stuff I’m really proud of. Continue reading “Recording Freight Trains is Serious Business”

Homemade Contact Microphone

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to make a contact mic with my class at Columbia College Chicago. I’ve been interested in contact mics for a while now, but for whatever reason haven’t actually picked one up to do any recordings. So, this was the perfect kick in the pants to get to work! Continue reading “Homemade Contact Microphone”

NATO Protest Chants 2012

Hate it or love it, NATO is here in Chicago. While the summit doesn’t start until tomorrow, the expected protests are in full effect. This morning I found out about a march toward Rahm Emanuel’s home in the Ravenswood neighborhood. When I saw the newscast I saw what seemed to be 100-150 people gathered in a park. By the time I arrived, I was surprised to see approximately 500-600 protesters marching toward the Mayor’s home. Continue reading “NATO Protest Chants 2012”