Lake Michigan Waves – Illinois Beach State Park

The weather was beyond perfect yesterday, so my girlfriend and I decided to make a trip up to Illinois Beach State Park for the day. It was our first time there, and we didn’t realize how huge it was. 4,160 Acres! When we first pulled up, there were quite a few other people enjoying the day as well. With how big the park is, it wasn’t hard to find a quiet place where I was able to capture this: Continue reading

Trains Through Glass

I’ve been a little bit obsessed with contact microphones lately. Recently, a personal project (that I hope to share soon!) led me to renting a very nice microphone: the Barcus Berry 4000 Planar Wave System. I mainly wanted to rent to see if it’s worth me buying, so I did a LOT of recording for the week I had it. Continue reading

What’s That Sound? – Update!

Let’s play a game. Listen to this sound I recorded. Try to figure out exactly what it is. Let me know your guess on my twitter. When someone figures it out (or gets close enough), I’ll update this post with a link to download a nice 48/24 stereo .wav of the recording for any personal or professional use. This is a raw recording, by the way, no processing trickery.

Depending on participation, maybe this could become a regular thing! After all, who doesn’t like free sound effects?


Thanks to @jamesdbryant for guessing this first one! You can download this sound by clicking the link below.

Download Aluminum Foil Sounds 3.wav